Back at it again with our Hallmark Beer Pong Tournament!

Alas! We’ve hit the big 2 for our most popular brand - TRANCE4M.


Back in 7th February 2020, our founders started this initiative with the goal to promote and grow the local trance community, and eventually bringing this beautiful music genre back to the mainstream.


Looking back, it was really something to feel proud about. Into the first year, we were just managing a community of trance lovers. After a year, we took a step further to phase 2 - hosting trance music events and working alongside venue partners that organises trance music events. Finally, to kickstart our 3rd year, we took a leap of faith into the international scene - TRANCE4M Anniversary pres Temple One.


Indeed it was an emotional night for us, and the best part was seeing a full house on our night, with our TRANCE4M members coming down to support our brand.


Till next time, thanks for the support and we vow to be better day by day.

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