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During our time in Singapore’s events industry, we’ve heard countless complaints from both sides of the coin. Planners bend over backwards to find the right vendors, and vendors likewise to find the right clients. The result? A tangled mess of inconvenience, ambiguity, and an often-resultant shortcoming — ripe pickings for event management companies (such as ourselves) to make a buck off. 

Sadly, a new era is about to come, and from our grave which we personally dug appears a solution to all your problems. With a diverse marketplace and sophisticated event management software tools, Deetz by Last One Standing gives you everything you need to make your event happen, synergised into a single, one-stop, all-in-one mobile app. It doesn’t matter if it’s a corporate conference, a grand wedding, or simply a pretentious party — with Deetz, all events are made easy.

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Diverse Marketplace.

Looking for stage suppliers? We’ve got you covered. Exhibition planners? We have those too. Clowns? Why on earth…never mind, here’s a few for you to choose from. With our 32 different sub-categories of vendors, you’ll find yourself spoilt for choice when it comes to the possibilities. 


Software Tools.

Event planning was never meant to be easy. Lucky for you, we don’t really care for such rulesAt the expense of our research team’s sleep (don’t worry about our developers, they’re pretty much used to it), we’ve incorporated a whole myriad of sophisticated tools for your event planning needs. You name it, we have it: event factsheets, logistics lists, chat systems, calendar and invites, bookings & reservations, ratings & reviews…we shan’t bore you any further. With the presence of Deetz, you can embrace event tech at its best.  


What Else is Cooking?



We told you Deetz will reinvent your event. We mean it. And that doesn’t just apply to large-scale happenings. You know what they say: it’s the small things that matter, too, at the very least. And that’s why we’re currently in the works of designing Quick Deetz. Hanging out with a bunch of friends? Going on a date with a loved one? You’ll be able to use Quick Deetz for these micro-events, for fast and simple bookings for all your event needs; large and little alike. 




Down with the notorious FOMO fever? Fret not. Discover events happening around you through our integrated e-ticketing system. For those of you looking to hold your own events, be sure to use Deetz’s e-ticketing feature to garner more guests. Not to mention the flexibility, cost-savings, and convenience that you’ll enjoy; all with the mere touch of a screen. 


We’re also in the midst of curating a special column just for you. In Deetz’s Tidbits, we’ll not only guide you on how to maximize the benefits of Deetz’s many features, but we’ll also be convincing experts to spill on their trade secrets. Just so you can better plan your events, we’ll interrogate them on the ins and outs of what goes into their craft: the flowers in season for that special wedding day; tips to properly build the best lighting set-up for your stage; types of licenses required for different kinds of events; you get the idea.

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